[pct-l] Wolves in the Sierra.... I think not.

Marge marge at prothman.org
Fri May 22 11:26:09 CDT 2009

Well, if you want to see wolves, come to the Saw tooth National Forest here
in Idaho.  They have recently been taken off the endangered  list here in
Idaho.  UP until about a month ago (when the snow left here in the wood
river valley - Sun Valley area) they were a common site on the roads  and up
the gulches.  They follow the elk herds which some people feed during the
winter and now people live up all the gulches.

They are the Grey wolves and some are jet black and they are very big and I
would not cowboy camp in my back yard. Right now they are over a couple of
ridges and should be finishing up their dinning. (having babies that is).

Cheers, Marge
(the old gal)

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