[pct-l] Grieve stricken

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Sat May 23 13:23:48 CDT 2009

As I am sifting through 10 days of e-mail and list posts I realize that 
my support among the silent majority is far greater than I had 
anticipated (the support messages now far exceed the 34 that I earlier 
reported) but sadly I also realize that  a few  grouchy  list members 
are disobeying Brick's  "CEASE  FIRE"  order and continue to flame other 
members by name and then, I guess, they will get very upset when the 
flamed individuals respond to their flame throwing tactics.
I am grieve stricken that Sara will be retreating into a "Lurker" mode 
and some of our grouchy, humorless members are considering finding a new 
home on some of the new wonderful forum sites they have been raving 
about, because their ability to
create noise and excitement and flame wars on the list will be sorely 


JMT Reinhold

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