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Bill Burge bill at burge.com
Thu May 28 13:31:16 CDT 2009

Nah, it wasn't like that.  I drove them to REI the next day.

They walked over and JOKINGLY said, "we're the extras you called  
for..." because a group filming an episode of Monk would never have  
need three smelly, dirty guys with big packs.

The filming crew said something to the effect of "are you guys PCT  
hikers?  Would you like something to eat?"  And it went from there...   
It was actually the crew being very cool.  I think some of the crew  
had spoke with other hikers coming through in the days previous and  
heard the stories of dust, heat and eating Snickers and mac&cheese for  
days on end.

These guys were not mooching.  When I drove them to REI, one guy made  
it clear that if wanted to pay for my gas at the pump, I was gonna  
have to wrestle him for it (hey! Burning Daylight! ;-) and another  
bought my lunch when I took them to the all-you-can eat pasta place  
even though I said "NO" (thanks Chase! :-).  Good guys - solid -  
straight up.


On May 28, 2009, at 11:24 AM, Matt Geis wrote:

>>> This year some hikers went up to the catering tent on a big shoot  
>>> in Vasquez Rocks and said they were extras.  They were fed  
>>> lavishly and given lots of ice cold tea.  Timing is everything!
> I have to say, that's one of the few things I've ever heard of that  
> is simultaneously crass and awesome.  What kind of production was it  
> when a couple filthy hikers could convince the production they were  
> extras, that they could just convincingly "blend in" with everyone  
> else?
> Iron Chef
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