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> I was able to update my journal at trailjournals via my blackberry.
> Admittedly it looked a little weird on my phone

You updated via your Blackberry's web browser, same thing as sitting at a 
computer. You did not update your TJ's journal by sending an email to your 

I'm sure it looked very weird! :) On that note, postholer has a 'mobile 
version' of the site designed specifically for mobile phones with small 
screens (thanks Gadget!), which is far more pleasant to use!

Mobile version:


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> Although I was not on the trail for very long I was able to update my 
> journal at trailjournals via my blackberry. Admittedly it looked a little 
> weird on my phone it still worked fine.
> Bill
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> If you want email and voice, get a smartphone as Brian suggested and
> consolidate those 2 features.
> If you want just email, look into the Peek device (getpeek.com). It's
> cellular based and requires no land line. Spotty cell reception will be an
> issue in Oregon and Washington.
> On the west coast Verizon and AT&T are your best cell providers.
> Payphones are becoming endangered species as someone mentioned, but land
> lines aren't. Your Pocketmail will still work with those.
> If you're keeping a journal you can update your journal directly via email
> at postholer.com, not possible at trailjournals.com. You can also have 
> your
> SPOT's sent directly to your journal map at postholer, with PCT trail 
> trace,
> which is not possible anywhere except postholer. When you hit the 'OK' or
> 'Help' button on your SPOT your location will show up almost immediately 
> on
> your journal map.
> If you're not carrying a SPOT and want to share your location with your 
> GPS,
> add a latitude/longitude with your journal entry and your journal map will
> be updated with your location and PCT trace, again, only possible at
> postholer.
> Also, if you're carrying a smartphone your twitter messages can appear in
> your journal as well. You can also tweet your location if you're carrying 
> a
> GPS. Folks can see your location by clicking the 'Where Am I' link in your
> journal twitter messages.
> Demo: http://postholer.com/demo
> Help: http://postholer.com/journal/help.php
> P.S.
> I think the only features trailjournals.com has added in the last 10 years
> are more advertisements and multiple ways to send them money. Postholer 
> has
> no advertisements nor do we ask for your money, hikers helping hikers, 
> what
> a concept.
> -postholer
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