[pct-l] Nor Cal WATER caches? Trail closure N of Etna?

sage Clegg sageclegg at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 2 20:37:28 CDT 2009

HI! I am south bound on the PCT this season and am trying to figure out if the water caches up here in northern California are still being maintained. I know the Hat creek rim is open again. Do I need to carry for 30 miles through the fresh burn, or if there is water at rd. 22? 
  I am also trying to figure out a way to walk around the fire closure in the marbles between Seiad Valley and Etna. What are other folks doing? Skipping it and saving it for later? Has anyone discovered an alternate route? 
  Oregon has been a wonderful adventure. It was great to see so many north bounders and I hope the weather holds off for you all up north- wouldn't want you to miss Washington! I should hike into California Thursday or Friday and start chipping away at the 1700 miles of my home state- here goes nothing!


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