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Mr Riza takes some fantastic still and video shots.  Kudos to him.
Here is the link for the Angeles Forest fire incident,  http://inciweb.org/incident/1856/ .
The fire is currently 28% contained, and now moving in a southeasterly direction, threatening even more of the PCT.  As it stands, according to the map, a good portion of the PCT has been burned on either side of Messenger Flats.  The weather is expected to turn cooler this weekend, which will help the fire fighting efforts.  All of the Angeles Highway is closed, along with many other roads in the area.  
What is frightening about this fire is that it isn't even the normal "fire season" yet in Socal. We need to pray for rain, unlike what we did at Woodstock 40 years ago.  We want "More rain, more rain, more rain, more rain...."
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#yiv2125831421 {height:100%;color:#000000;font-size:14pt;font-family:Arial;}> Check out these photos of the Sierra and Cascades, etc.  Stunning.
> http://brandonriza.com/index.htm
> The Incredible Bulk

Great photos!! (Thanks for the link!) Did you happen to check out more of his site?

See 'time lapse' video of Station Fire on Sunday, Aug. 30th: <http://brandonriza.com/Video/HTML/ZeroPercentContained.html>
It looks more like a volcanic eruption! Glad to hear the fire fighters have made some positive headway in battling that monster...

Happy trails!!!
Jim (PITA)

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