[pct-l] Degree bag for thru hike?

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My wife and I have been teaching snow camping and general mountaineering 
since 1982. Last season we logged nearly 70 nights on the snow. Our 
experience has taught us that you will be warmer in individual bags rather 
than couples bags, because of the down draft that is allowed between the two 
of you. Of course, it depends on how the bag is designed to prevent this. 
Now, with a quilt that might be manageable, but will the down be compressed 
in the process?

In addition to asking others what they think, go out and test different 
systems for yourselves to see what works for you. In our (Mountain 
Education) snow courses, students bring many different types of bags, pads, 
and shelters to test on the snow. Warm sleepers sometimes get away with 15 
or 20-degree bags while cold sleepers are not warm enough in their 0-degree 
bags. Down air mats like those from Exped do the best to keep you warm and 
augment the thermal value of the bag. You've got to find out what works for 
you before you leave on your trip.

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>I went with a zero degree quilt, but I hit the trail very early.  It was
> more than I needed, but my quilt was still very light.
> The pro of sharing is less weight.  The con is having to smell each other 
> in
> close proximity after many days without a proper bath.
> I got my down quilt from Tim Marshall who owns and operates EnLIGHTened
> Equipment.  I highly recommend him if you can afford the time and money.
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> What degree sleeping bag do folks usually take for a thru hike? Pros and
> cons of sharing a down quilt with a hiking partner (who's also my 
> boyfriend)
> - for pros I'd appreciate any recs on where to get a down quilt.
> Thanks, Julia
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