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I've enjoyed having my Droid along for the walk. I have the lighter HTC
one,  weighs 4.2 ounces. I think it can also now handle Android 2.0 with all
of its GPS features. Verizon coverage has been very good though California
and into Oregon.


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> > a few thru hike qu...
My advice is to leave them both home and bring a phone that is only a
phone and nothing more. Do yourself a favor and disconnect. Have a
completely unmitigated experience of the trail and trail culture and
trail magic and serendipity. Go with the flow. xperience all of it in
the raw without the safety net of a computer screen.

I know everyone will have a ton of reasons why that is a stupid
suggestion ranging from the ease of use of having one device that
does it all to any number of other conveniences and preferences.
Don't tell them to me. I'm offering up my own experience as a
suggestion. Do what YOU think is right.

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~ Piper's Flight
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