[pct-l] What do others do to get/stay in shape

Tortoise Tortoise73 at charter.net
Tue Aug 17 23:51:30 CDT 2010

Generally I hike short hikes frequently so have some basic fitness.

Then in preparation for overnighters, hike with my pack weighted to about 
maximum estimated trail weight. For me now that is 25 - 30 pounds including 
food and water.

Last year I attended an event near Donner Pass before my section hike so on 
1 day I wore my fully loaded pack for a hike up a nearby mountain top.

Even so I was somewhat out of shape starting the trail. I allowed for that. 
And each day on the trail I was able to increase my mileage. My longest day 
was 15 miles -- not really thru-hiker distance but adequate for me.


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On 08/17/10 19:27, greg mushial wrote:
> I'm wondering what others do to stay/get into shape for section or
> multi-section walks (on a daily or weekly basis)? Assuming most people have
> 9-5 jobs, what do you do? I've been walking either before or after work, at
> least a 4.5 mile up, over and down the ridge fire road loop 5 or 6 times a
> week; and if I can find the time, especially in the evening, try to do a
> longer 8 mile extension to the shorter loop once or twice a week. Sometimes
> I can especially go walking on a saturday or sunday - 15 to 20 miles, but
> generally weekends are taken up with family-time.From reading various trail
> journals (for thru or longer section hikers), I see more weekend warmup
> hikes, but don't notice much daily walking. Is this the norm? What works for
> other people? Your input, please...
> thanks...  TheDuck
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