[pct-l] Weather considerations anytime/ a must read

Sean 'Miner' Nordeen sean at lifesadventures.net
Sat Aug 21 15:04:13 CDT 2010

>BUT, UL is having lightweight gear, not just leaving gear behind. I've seen
>people (not usually thrus) leave tents/tarps behind, carry only a quart of
>water in the desert, not have a rain jacket, etc.

Unfortunately, when I hiked in 2009, I know of some thru-hikers who left the tarp/tent/rain jacket behind to save weight in various places and they got bit (one became almost hypothermic since everything they had was wet).  One person didn't learn their previous lessons with bad weather and got bit when they encountered rain in southern Oregon with no shelter.

 It has nothing to do with being UL or not, but instead it's about making intelligent and rational decisions with some consideration given to the possible consequences.  I often carry a baseweight under 10lbs, but I'm always ready for bad weather (and I'll carry more weight if conditions warrant it).  However, there are plenty of people who lack the proper knowledge and experience and do UL backpacking wrong.  Unfortunately, these people are often the only exposure that others have to UL ideas and the impression left is UL is unsafe or uncomfortable.  But it doesn't have to be.


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