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AsABat, which 2 meter handheld do you carry?

The Incredible Bulk

On Aug 21, 2010, at 11:45 AM, AsABat <asabat at 4jeffrey.net> wrote:

> Yeah!
> When I was in scouts I carried a plastic poncho, weighed over a pound. When
> I could afford it, I bought a Goretex jacket, triple layer, lots of zippers,
> weighed over 2 pounds. Now I carry a Red Ledge breathable rain jacket, cut
> just to the waist, weighs 10 ounces, still has pit zips etc but much more
> comfortable while pounding out sweat. To that I carry either chaps or a rain
> skirt, depending on expectations.
> My down "Backpacker" sleeping bag from REI, 20 degree rating, weighs almost
> 6 pounds! I now carry a Mountain Hardwear Phantom 32, 20 ounces, that feels
> warmer, and if it gets a little cold I put on my 12 ounce Western
> Mountaineering Flight jacket (12 ounces because I'm bigger than most).
> The most incredible weight savings to me is water bottles. Nalgenes weigh 4
> ounces I think, empty Gatorade bottles 1 ounce. I used to carry FOUR
> Nalgenes, now I carry 2 Gatorade bottles and a 3-liter Platy. So, from 16
> ounces down to 3. And, when the Nalgenes got too gross I'd spend 8 bucks for
> a new one, now I spend a buck and get a tasty beverage as a bonus.
> I don't think I'm less prepared even though my base weight is 11 pounds
> instead of 34. Oh, I do carry a 2-meter radio in my base weight, that's
> about a pound, for all those times cell phones don't work and I want to call
> for a helicopter ride out. (just kidding!!!)
> BUT, UL is having lightweight gear, not just leaving gear behind. I've seen
> people (not usually thrus) leave tents/tarps behind, carry only a quart of
> water in the desert, not have a rain jacket, etc.
> AsABat
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