[pct-l] Snoqualmie Pass Trail Maintenance - September 3rd and 4th

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Thank you on behalf of all the volunteers for the kind words.  It was a pleasure running into you out there.  Congrats on finishing up the trail.

PCT-L folks:
To follow up on the below announcement:  there is sufficient interest for both days, so we will be out there.  That said, the more the merrier.  There are plenty of loppers, conora saws and brush whips awaiting eager volunteers.  And if you like power tools,  the brush saw is open to all who can safely operate it.

Contact me off list if you wish to sign up.  Indicate which day(s) you're interested in.  Note that there will be more opportunities from the 18th on until it snows as well.

The trail thanks you.

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Had the pleasure of running into Mr. Civilian and friends out working
on the trail a few days back.  Their fruits of their efforts were
noticeable and much appreciated.  Thanks!

Al H.

On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 4:16 PM, Barry Teschlog <tokencivilian at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Yes, those dates are correct.  Friday and Saturday of the 3 day weekend.  Some
> folks who've previously volunteered in the greater Seattle area have expressed a
> desire for mid week work parties, others have said they'd be available over the
> 3 day weekend, so what the heck, sounds to me like a good time for some PCT
> work.  Why fight the crowds trying to get out of town when you can come out for
> a relaxing and rewarding time helping to maintain the PCT.
> These will be another 2 of the "informal" formal work parties similar to the
> brushing from this last weekend.  Exact location is TBD, depending on PCTA &
> Forest Service priorities.  The location will either be at the Ollalie Meadows
> area a few trail miles south of Snoqualmie Pass OR to work on an area that the
> Forest Service has identified a bit south of Stampede Pass that is in dire need
> of brushing.  If Ollalie Meadows, the goal would be to finish up brushing at
> least the uphill side of the trail to connect with a previously cleared part of
> trail just to the north.  If in the Stampede Pass area, it will be on a 2 mile
> stretch of the PCT that the FS has described as "...mostly tall, thick
> huckleberry and associated fellow travellers [needing brushing] along with some
> limbing on adjacent trees".
> Tenative Dates and Times (Assuming the minimum of 3 person brush saw crew can be
> assembled for each day):
> Friday September 3.  Meet for paperwork a smidge before 8:00am.  Tool and safety
> talk at 8:00.  Hike into the work site shortly thereafter.  Call it good for the
> day by ~3:00 or so.
> Saturday September 4.  Meet for paperwork a smidge before 8:00am.  Tool and
> safety talk at 8:00.  Hike into the work site shortly thereafter.  Call it good
> for the day by ~3:00 or so.
> Please respond off list if you're interested in volunteering and for which
> day(s) so the proper planning, paper work, etc can be done.  Either Suzanne W.
> at the PCTA or I will send driving directions and further information to those
> that would like to join these work parties.
> Thanks for your consideration
> Barry
> "Give me a powerful saw, for I intend to go onto the brushiest section of
> trail."
> (A poor paraphrase of John Paul Jones quote).
> "The brush is the enemy.  Wade into it.  Cut it down.  Toss it off the
> trail.  When you see your best hiker friend, and they're soaked to the skin from
> wet brush.....you'll know what to do."
> (Another poor paraphrase, this time from Patton's opening speech).
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