[pct-l] Bear-bagging?

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Fri Jan 1 18:19:57 CST 2010

> I read that bear canisters are required on a few parts of the trail. Can you
> just bear bag your food from a tree 10 feet from the ground and 10 feet from
> the tree and 5 feet below the branch?

Slightly longer answer:
In whatever areas bear canisters are required, hanging is NOT allowed...
In Seki there are some food storage lockers (bear boxes) in the bear canister required areas...
In Yosemite on the PCT there are bear boxes at Tuolumne Meadows and Glen Aulin only - leaving minimum distance 
of 28 miles before Tuolumne and 50 miles after Glen Aulin to cover without 'camping' to be 'legal'...
See <http://postholer.com/faq.php#Canister> for more info & links to agency websites...

Happy trails!!!
Jim (PITA)

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