[pct-l] Poncho/tarp

Brian Lewis brianle8 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 1 18:44:54 CST 2010

"so move fast is the answer"

My approach is to carry a very light weight "emergency poncho", 1 or 2 mil,
cheap-o poncho.  The one I currently have weighs 1.7 oz.  Put that on for
use while camped.  It's not durable, but just for use around camp ...

FWIW, I when it's cold I kind of like sleeves of some sort.  This coming
year I'll experiment with tyvek sleeves (sleeves only), purchased from
www.northernsafety.com.  A pair of these sleeves weigh 18 grams (0.6 oz).

I don't have a good source for a light and cheap "disposable" poncho, at
least not one where the cost seems reasonable and you don't have to buy 100
of them at a time.  If someone else has a pointer to somewhere like that
(including the weight of the poncho), I'd appreciate it.

Brian Lewis / Gadget '08

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