[pct-l] PCT Sherpa Service

Wes Rose wb104475 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jan 5 00:33:18 CST 2010

Think about how convenient it will be to hike the entire PCT without ever having to 
carry a backpack, set up a tent, cook a meal or get your own water!!  And learn a
foreign language while you hike!  Those dangerous, life threatening river crossings are
no longer a threat.  Just have your Sherpa test the route.  If he makes it, you're good to
go, if not, just get another Sherpa!

Since the Anti-Snake Tone Generator was a complete flop, and given the
growing interest in the PCT by a "more mature" class of hiker, as well
as the growing unemployment rate, in addition to the growing list of 
modern trail conveniences like electronic gadgets, the proliferation of
trail angels, water caches, published guide and map resources, dedicated
web sites, annual gatherings, trail journal sites and E-lists such as the PCT-L, 
etc., and with tongue firmly in cheek, I am interested in starting a PCT Sherpa 

Thru and Section hikers can inspect and hire their Sherpas at the "Sherpa Booth" 
(which, hopefully, will be allowed at the ADZ Kickoff).  English speaking, documented 
sherpas will, of course, cost more.  

Let's face it, within a few years we'll all be wondering to ourselves, "why didn't I use a Sherpa
like everybody else to hike the PCT?"  

PCT Sherpa Services coming soon to your hike!

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