[pct-l] Resupply packages

Paul Mitchell bluebrain at bluebrain.ca
Tue Jan 5 16:55:00 CST 2010

Hi All


Just a few months till trail time!  It's going to go fast!  Unlike the

After a significant amount of contemplation we've resolved to go with
resupply boxes for this hike, a complete 180 from what I told myself I'd do
after my last hike, which was 100% supply as we go.


We're in BC, Canada and it will cost at least twice as much to ship boxes
from here.  We'd like to visit some spots on our way to the trail so we're
planning to rent a vehicle and drive down.  What I'm wondering is if anybody
knows of any commercial package services that would hold boxes and ship them
out at preset dates?  I suppose it would have to be a nominal additional
cost or it wouldn't save anything over sending them from Canada.





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