[pct-l] newbie with guide question

Deep Desert Expeditions mike at deepdesert.com
Thu Jan 7 12:51:19 CST 2010

Hey Everyone,
I'm new to the list here, but not long distance hiking: I helped "create" the Hayduke Trail.

I had some sudden, unexpected and major health issues last summer that made me realize I need to get out again, and soon!

So I'm planning a thru hike on the PCT this year, and I'm trying to wade thru stacks of different guides: Yogi's, Erik the Black's, Postholer's maps, the pocket guides, etc.

I'd like the voice of experience: what is the single best guide to both plan and get out there with?

I'm also open to any suggestions/advice the trail hardened may want to share....

Moab Mike

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