[pct-l] USGS Topo maps - proprietary formats

PNW Hiker pnw.hiker at gmail.com
Sat Jan 9 12:15:19 CST 2010

It seems the most recent 24K topo downloads from the USGS are locked in a
proprietary format, as near as I can tell.

I've tried 24K topo downloads from EarthExplorer (USGS site), Seamless (USGS
site) and the USGS Store Map Locator. So far, the most recent maps seem to
be the 'Map Locator' downloads. These are the only ones that show the PCT at
Campo and are in the GeoPdf format.  The other sites seem to have older
maps. They are in the GeoTiff format.

This is very irritating. I like to make maps sometimes by combining,
cropping and annotating. Then I make a waterproof print. It works great with
the GeoTifs since they can automatically align themselves, depending on the
editing software you use. I can't do this with the GeoPdfs, can't even copy
the image at full resolution. Even more irritating, every time I open a
GeoPDF it launches the 'TerraGo Technologies' website.

Does anyone know of downloads for the most recent topos that aren't in a
proprietory format? How about free software that can edit GeoPdf's? I can't
even find out who owns 'TerraGo Technologies', which doesn't list its
software prices online, just an email link. It  seems a little creepy.


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