[pct-l] phone for pct

canoeman at qnet.com canoeman at qnet.com
Mon Jan 11 10:32:26 CST 2010

Hank hit the nail on the head, if you buy a decent GSM phone, you can take it
home with you.
If you buy an unlocked phone your contract options are better.
You may  pay a good deal more here, for an unlocked phone, but the prices are
equal to what you pay in the EU. look for one on ebay, have it shipped to you

My favorite is the Blackberry bold 9700. 
It comes with built in gps, web browsers email etc. and tons of apps.

Skylabs makes a topographic app that has all the topo maps for California, and
the rest of the states.
T-mobile (Deutsche Telekom) my carrier leaves the built in  GPS receiver
unlocked, so the phone can be used as a standalone GPS receiver.
I really love this phone, I prefer it over the touch screen phones but that's
just me.
I'm sure others have their favorites. Many prefer the iPhone, or the new android
phones just coming out.
Lets hear some more options from others.
But coming from the EU you will have to bear with our fairly primitive
telecommunications network. Having traveled in EU a lot, it is always a shock
coming back to the US, to realize we are about 5 years behind the EU in cell
phone network technology. but you will get by ok.

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