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Sean 'Miner' Nordeen sean at lifesadventures.net
Mon Jan 11 21:46:54 CST 2010

My PCT DVD collection includes in rank from best to worse:

All the class DVDs from 2002-2008 (2009 won't be available until April).  You can ask here for someone to copy them or you can download them with bit torrent at http://thepiratebay.org/user/brickster3072/

The funny and entraining Walk series by Squatch.  Buy all 4 and save $$$.  And for a limited time only, he'll also include a personalized note thanking you for your wise purchase.  ;-)

Walking the West - A very good documentary following 2 hikers (1 drops out 60miles from the end) on their '97 thru-hike; includes their pre-hike preperations.  You can watch a low quality version on YouTube in 2 parts.  It was well worth buying.

Resouled on the PCT - Another documentary following 1 hiker's journey north in 2002 and those he meets.  Not as good as Walking the West, but still very enjoyable.  However, the website for this one disappeared last year so I don't know if you can still buy it.

Walking the West with Freedom - kind of like a music video format with some commentary as LionKing walks north.  He fails to finish at the end, but it has some awesome footage of trying to hike in the the big storms that hit mid-october in 2006 and pretty much drove everyone off trail.  Years like that are why most thu-hikers don't like to push their luck finishing any latter then that.

In terms of book reading, there are several books out there, but I've only read a few.

My favorite is the self-published Dancing with Marmots which is about a New Zealander firefighter's 1990 thru-hike with an insane packweight (by todays standards not back then).

Another one is Zero Days about a family with a 10year old girl who hikes the trail.

Cactus Eaters is another.  If you serach on Amazon, you can find several titles.

-Sean "Miner" Nordeen

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