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Wed Jan 13 11:14:30 CST 2010

It's that time again for your semi-annual postholer journal spam!

Journals at Postholer.Com are designed specifically for hikers. For those 
who are unaware or unfamiliar with the power of postholer journals, here are 
the features that make it vastly superior to any other journal site around.

Demo: http://postholer.com/demo
Journal Home Page: http://postholer.com/journal

Journal Features
+ Add journal entrys/photos by EMail, Smartphone, Pocketmail, whatever!
+ Google trail map of your entrys!
+ Postholer Mobile optimized for smartphone users!
+ Integrate SPOT Personal Messenger into your journal map!
+ Immediate, last 20 Twitter messages in every journal entry!
+ Embed your journal in your website!
+ Option to make your journal private, does not appear in searches
+ Multiple journal handling that will blow your mind!
+ Download your entire journal in xml format
+ Optional guestbook for your visitors, with your comments
+ Gear List, spreadsheet like
+ Trip Planner, spreadsheet like
+ Training Log, spreadsheet like
+ Photo Manager
+ Extended journal information
+ Integrated journal & forum accounts
+ Automatic bookmarks for readers - up to 200 journals
+ RSS support for timely notification of journal updates
+ Journal support forum. We listen!


Trail Journals, Google Trail Maps, Forums: http://postholer.com
Pacific Crest Trail Photo Atlas: http://postholer.com/photoAtlas.php

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