[pct-l] Mojitos / they don't bite... they suck through a tiny tube.

Diane at Santa Barbara Hikes dot com diane at santabarbarahikes.com
Wed Jan 13 15:20:18 CST 2010

I didn't want ear protectors for mosquitoes. I wanted them for flies.  
They flew into my ears frequently and I had to listen to one die for  
quite some time in my ear. This was not pleasant. Attempts to dig him  
out with the toothpick from my pocket knife were only partially  
successful and not too safe.


On Jan 13, 2010, at 1:00 PM, pct-l-request at backcountry.net wrote:
> Mosquitos "bite" their meals not by teeth but by using what amounts  
> to a hypodermic needle. Seriously, if you look at one under your  
> biology class microscope, you'd be amazed that the end of the  
> feeding tube is even beveled just like a medical needle. AND....  
> they can stick it through, between the threads of your clothing and  
> mesh apparel if the skin if up against the material or mesh  
> covering. You experience this fact when you find mosquito welts on  
> your legs despite wearing pants.
> So, the mesh idea for the ears is a start but would likely be  
> ineffective due to its tight fit over the skin. Something that kept  
> the woven material from sitting directly against the skin would  
> work... or something more solid that mesh or cloth fabric.
> The idea, though, that hikers can wear a mesh of some type over  
> their nose/mouth to keep from inhaling the critters is a good  
> one... if you decide that a full mesh hood was too cumbersome for  
> the critters (flies, nats, etc).

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