[pct-l] Trekking poles?

Diane at Santa Barbara Hikes dot com diane at santabarbarahikes.com
Thu Jan 14 14:17:50 CST 2010

1. You get a little bit of upper body exercise.
2. If there are straps on the handles, you can position them to swing  
over your fingers to keep the mosquitoes away.
3. They are a big help on rocky surfaces and creek crossings.
4. They can be part of your shelter system (as tent poles).

1. You become a little dependent upon them.
2. If you don't like trekking poles and they are part of your shelter  
system, you'll be bummed out.
3. They will poke holes in the ceiling of people's cars when you get  
rides (get some rubber tips or something.)

I'm sure there are others, but these were the big ones for me.  
(Except for Disadvantage #2 which was not a problem for me.)

On Jan 14, 2010, at 7:35 AM, pct-l-request at backcountry.net wrote:
> I'm thinking about using trekking poles (for the first time in 30  
> years).
> What are the advantages in long distance trips? Do they help your  
> back,
> knees? Anyone given them up and preferred it that way? contra wise?
> thanks

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