[pct-l] Fw: [DCSAR] Interesting and ominous weather predication

Andrea Dinsmore zaqueltooocool at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 16:56:03 CST 2010

Here in Skykomish, WA this winter is very light. Last 2 years at this time
we had 6' (feet) of snow at 1000 foot elevation. Steven's Pass 4000'
trailhead) had record snow fall. This year now we are only 75" at the ski
area and nothing at 1000'. Unless snow piles up between now and April there
shouldn't be alot to deal with by next September. If you don't make it up
here by mid September you will get into the new snow for next winter. Bide
your time and partying and get your butts up here. Otherwise you will deal
will the cold, lots of rain and the beginnings of the winter. I know you
think you're tough but you will kick yourself in the rear when you are
soaked to the bone, water running under your sleeping bag and you're colder
than $hi$.

Just a Mother's opinion.......


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