[pct-l] for all you old foofs that like to reminisce

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Dear ned and eckert

I must be the one of the worst and the dullest old foofs( I had
consulted with dictionary). I likes JanSports external pack. Recently,
 I was not able to act against the temptation of the sales of
backcountry.com. So I got new Carson 80.  The  form of waist belt and
shoulder yokes were improved, and fit well. The frame was smaller than
the old D3, but still it  was too large to hike at steeper mountains
in Japan. So I cut the lower frame and made a shorter one, and
attached the very old joints of D3 to Carson 80. Then, I sewed the
three plastic buckles to the packs. I am using a very heavy camera
Olympus E-3, about 2 Kg, simply because the focusing speed is  the
fastest, and almost waterproof.   It may looks like one of the
military packs.

The photos are here: I wrote captions in English but explanation in Japanese.


In future, I would  like to hike some sections of PCT.

2010/1/13  <ned at pacificcrestcustombuilders.com>:
> Hey, Carl!
> I'm still using mine and quite happy with it. I use internal frames for my
> Search and Rescue work because I don't need the volume of the Kelty.
> Regarding mobility with the Kelty, I used one to ski the CDT back in 1980
> and didn't have a problem....
> Ned
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>> Thanks for that link, Eckert!
>> It's true; Kelty packs were bombproof, even the ones that weighed less
>> than
>> 6 lb 10 oz. I used the pack I carried on the PCT, which weighed "only" 4
>> lbs
>> 10 oz, for another 28 years of one-two week trips. In fact, aside from its
>> weight, there's nothing wrong with it and I'd still be using it now if I
>> hadn't shed a few pounds and switched to Six Moon Designs packs a few
>> years
>> ago.
>> Cheers,
>> Carl
>> 1977 PCT Kelty Kid
>> On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 7:09 PM, eckert <jape1 at cox.net> wrote:
>>> I was looking up an author of an old field guide and ran across a pdf of
>>> a 1979 Backpacker magazine.  Enjoy the ads.
>>> http://tinyurl.com/yl7syko
>>> The link is somewhat convoluted because of my search query, and begins
>>> towards the back of the magazine.  Just scroll up for a treat.  On page
>>> seven (for you PCT buffs) see why the Kelty Kids held that name.
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