[pct-l] Western Mountaineering Highlite down bag?

hiker97 at aol.com hiker97 at aol.com
Mon Jan 18 00:29:17 CST 2010

Snow Bunny Unsupported Reinhold writes: I love that bag. I used it on my JMT fast-packs. 
It was donated to me by Western Mountaineering for my JMT record attempts. I also carried it on my 2005 sub-five attempt when we met at Lake Wanda. I also wore HighTec trail runners. That is one of the reasons my pack looked so small, the "Highlite" compresses to about the size of a football. A great "UL" bag....I emphasize "UL"....when weight is a major concern. It will not keep you cozy on a cold night and you might want to wear all your cold weather cloth. But in mild weather or for speed hiking it is "THE BAG". 
Switchback replies: I use a 19 ounce Western Mountaineering bag.  But I have to use two installation pads now for warm and comfort under my bag.  Makes a nice warm set up.  I have a 9 ounce sleeping bag inner liner that I use as an overbag with the sleeping bag inside it.  Very nice.  No drafts, etc.  This liner set up probably adds 10+ degrees of warm to my sleeping system.  I like this better than carrying a larger 2.5 pound bag that is more difficult to pack, etc.  Just personal choice of what makes you happy on the trail.  I like light weight stuff that I can use in different combinations out there.  The worse the weather in camp, the better I like it.  Backpacking and camping in good weather is too easy.  That is for pilgrams like Unsupported.

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