[pct-l] Tahoe conditions--update

ned at pacificcrestcustombuilders.com ned at pacificcrestcustombuilders.com
Mon Jan 18 21:03:31 CST 2010

As of 1900hrs, we have had 6" to 12" just today and more is on the way!

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  It didn't start raining in my part of San Diego until about 4 pm.  That was somewhat fortunate since I was out hiking until about 1:30...although I would've been okay with hiking in the rain too.

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  > Oh, and by the way it started dumping this morning and we can only see about a quarter-mile!
  > So far, only a couple of inches.
  > For all of you in SoCal, we hope that the mudslides and flooding aren't too bad...
  > How is it up in Lassen or the PNW??
  > Mtnned
  > Mountain Education
  > South Lake Tahoe, Ca
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