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That would not be a significant issue as there is always the Acorn Trail.  I realize it is a bit more difficult but it is a beautiful trail and from what I have read in a number of journals, some folks just go down the Acorn Trail and than skip the hike back up and simply walk the highway back up to the first crossing.  HYOH strategies can be very creative when it comes to thru-hiking. 

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> On Tuesday 19 January 2010 17:32:08 tom aterno wrote: 
>> I just saw a photo online at the LA Times site, showing that the Angeles 
>> Crest Highway has been damaged yet again, by washout.  Maybe someone on 
>> this list had it right.  Rip up the road, return it to its natural state, 
>> and if one wants to see the area, hike it. The Incredible Bulk 
> That's great news! 
...as long as it doesn't affect getting a hitch into Wrightwood. 
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