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Plenty of people start in early May.  Main consequence is the need to start
at a faster pace and maintain it to reach Manning by mid September.  Many,
many hikers induce stress injuries by starting with 20 mile days.  We're
starting early to mid April in order to start a little slower and ramp up to
the 20mpd average.  If you have to start later the best favor you can do
yourself is to train and be as fit as possible when leaving Campo, but still
listen to your body, it's not just the miles, it's the heat that is an added

Other possible implications might include a surplus of content in the hiker
boxes to pick through, and possibly less water in the caches, but they're a
gamble regardless.

See you on the trial!

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I joined this list serve as a manner of interacting with folks before the
2010 season is here.  I've enjoyed the advice and insights provided by all.
 One trend that I have seen is that folks want to leave earlier and earlier.

Well.. I may not be able to start until after May 7th.  What kind of issues
does this pose?

I'll be heading to the PCT from the heart of AT country.

- The Conrad
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