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Tue Jan 26 13:17:39 CST 2010

I am attempting to thru-hike the pct starting on April 22.  This gps stuff was also ALL new to me a few months ago...I have learned a few things (only a few however):


You can use your gps with both...however you need to set the gps to the correct datum.  Also, set the gps to display utm's.  The Atlas uses nad27 (my foretrex 401 only listed "nad27 conus" so I just used that one and tested it and it worked) and the Halfmile maps use wgs84.  If you use the wrong datum corresponding to the map you will get different utm numbers.  I decided to go VERY simple...the garmin foretrex 401...weights just 3 oz. (including batteries) but it has no fancy maps or displays.  I will use the Atlas for quick reference and Halfmile maps for the bigger picture as necessary and supplement this with the Yogi guide.  I will use the foretrex 401 mostly for finding my location on the map (displays my current location...utm...giving me two sets of numbers...first one go right...second one go up) if I am unsure of my location and for the altimeter.  It does some other things that I am just not interested in at this point.  I am going solo but will follow or tag along with others from Saddle Junction to Fuller Ridge (expect snow) and through the Sierras.   



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> Hi,
> I just got my new Gramin nuvi GPS. This is my first GPS and I've got lots
> to learn. Just wondering if I will be able to use this with The Atlas (when
> it comes) or if I need Halfmile's maps?
> Got lots to learn about this map stuff or find someone to follow:)
> Thanks for all your help!
> Bag Lady

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