[pct-l] Hunkering Down

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Tue Jan 26 14:34:05 CST 2010

Hunkering down in a serious snow or rain storm makes a lot of sense in a thru or long section hike when you have more flexibility of time, as Ned pointed out. 

I hunkered down for three days in a May (yep, in 77 we entered the Sierra in May!) white-out snow storm in the southern Sierra. I walked on the first day of snow until I risked losing the trail in the snow and camped. Three days later I hiked on in the two and half or more feet that had fallen but had the challenge of following the trail by topo and compass. Here was THE reap of the skill knowledge that all of you who thru-hike should have, IMHO. Knowing how to orient from a topo map only is a learned skill. It was necessary in the snow and compass was in fog and rain. 

Greg Hummel "Strider"
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