[pct-l] Sock it to me

David Thibault dthibaul07 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 18:41:15 CST 2010

Interstingly, I liked cool max socks on the AT better than Thorlos.  I
started the PCT with both and on the PCT liked the Thorlos better.  I would
have bet money beforehand this wouldn't have been the case.  I could never
find Thorlos in any of the outfitters in any of the town stops.  I also was
really surprised at how fast socks wore out on the PCT.  I had a some pairs
last only a few days.  I went through many more socks that I was expecting -
I wish I had keep count.

Some people had good luck with cheap dress socks from Walmart/Target.  I
plan on giving those a try myself but haven't yet.


> Greetings,
> I have a variety of socks in my drawer. Thick ones, thin ones. I am
> searching for the ideal hiker's socks. To me that means:
> thin: dries more quickly
> long lasting: conflicts with "thin"
> preferably white: visually means "cooler" to me
> I have worn the socks with individual toes. They're great, except I got
> holes very quickly. I have worn the two layer socks (Wright, I think). They
> took forever and a day to dry. My favorite sock for local hikes is the
> Thorlo Hiker. But they are too thick and warm for the PCT.
> I am testing a pair of Pagatonia long black socks. Very thin. So far no
> holes.
> So. After all that, what I am looking for is a pair of thin socks that will
> last 500 miles or so.

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