[pct-l] US Border Crossing Warning

Eric Lee saintgimp at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 2 11:01:00 CDT 2010

Radar wrote:
NOBO crossings are legal with an approved 'Entry to Canada' form but the US
has never had a similar administrative process for SOBO crossings as far as
I know.

To emphasize this point, the border crossing warning applies ONLY to
south-bound hikers.  Canada allows people to enter their country via the PCT
if you fill out the correct forms but the US does not allow traffic in the
other direction.  It's highly obnoxious but it affects only a handful of
people.  At the very worst, I suppose hiking, what is it, 30 miles?, north
to the border then turning around and starting your south-bound hike isn't
the end of the world compared to a 2,650 mile journey.  If you're doing a
south-bound hike you're already more masochistic than usual so what's
another 30 miles?  :-)


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