[pct-l] Safe parking in Mammoth Lakes?

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What about the shuttle lot?  I assume since you have to take the shuttle to Agnew Meadows or other access points that there is a safe shuttle lot where your car can be left for a few days?  Was considering this myself, so would love to know if anyone has the answer.

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>In 2008 I did a section of the JMT and other trails. Left my car at the Duck
>Pass Trailhead, walked along Lake Mary, George and Horseshoe Lakes to the
>Mammoth Pass TH and eventually to the JMT at Red Meadows where we resumed
>our JMT section south. Left the car there on July 27th and returned August
>8th without any problems.  Car had misc itemsinside but NO food in or around
>it to attract the bears.  Lots of cars parked in that trailhead area.
>Hope this helps!
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>> Folks,
>> I have a good friend doing a section of the JMT later this summer.  Do y'all
>> know of any safe parking options in the Mammoth Lakes area?
>> Thanks much!
>> Six2
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