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Fri Jul 16 16:21:41 CDT 2010


There is no public transportation directly to that area. If you're not able to get a ride from a friendly trail angel ...

- Closest public trans is Amtrak to Chemult. There are a couple of motels/resorts in Chemult that offer shuttle service from the train station to their facility ... for a fee, they MAY be willing to shuttle you to the Hwy 138 trailhead, about 23 miles. You'd have to contact them and ask.

- One mile north of Chemult along Hwy 97, hike west on Road 9772 (aka Deer Butte Rd) 12 miles to Miller Lake. From the lake, it is about 3 miles to the PCT along Miller Lake Trail 3275 then the Maidu Lake Trail 3275A. This puts you on the PCT about 15-20 trail miles north of Hwy 138. Miller Lake and Road 9772 are popular in the summer, so thumbing a ride should be possible. 

- Next closest public trans is "The Shuttle" which operates on a route from Klamath Falls to Medford via Hwy 140 with a scheduled stop at the Great Meadows snow park just east of Lake of the Woods, about 5.5 miles east of the PCT crossing near Fish Lake. This is about 72 trail miles south of Hwy 138. Connections at Klamath Falls Amtrak Station and Medford Greyhound Station.  http://www.klamathshuttle.com/  ... also bookable through Greyhound.

- If you're willing to hitch, think about starting at Hwy 62 in Medford ... lots of  traffic to Diamond Lake along Hwy 62, then Hwy 230, though mor on Fridays than Wednesdays. Junction of Hwy 230 and Hwy 138 is about 4 miles from the Hwy 138 trailhead via the North Crater Trail 1410.

Good Luck!


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