[pct-l] A HAM-Radio operator's experience at Slate Peak on the PCT

Dick Bingham dick.bingham at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 09:57:23 CDT 2010

Quote - "It was not so lonely for me out in the North Cascades roving in
CN98 and DN08 as Alaska and the Texas club but close.

Marshall, I heard you on 6M SSB while I was in DN08 Sunday morning but you
did not hear me. Clay, W7CE got DN08 on both bands for his logbook. KE7V and
KD7UO/P was booming in up there.

I only had 2 2M contacts while on battery, rubber ducky, and 2W *from the
Slate Peak (Cn98) tower site above my truck at 7488 ft. The truck was at
about 6700ft parked behind a snow drift. A couple border patrol trucks, 4
officers and a German Shepard sniffing cars were there to greet me at the
trailhead/snow drift road block.* I made 6 more contacts from the truck at
50W into a loop on 2M, 100W into a loop on 6M. 5 of the 6 on 6M Saturday

Sunday I was in DN08, DN07, CN97 during the contest hours. No one heard me
while coming down Hwy 97 in DN07. 1 station (KD7UO/P) heard me in CN97 on
2M. I did not have 6M while rolling and I suspect everyone was on 6M that
day. " un-quote

Dick Bingham - W7WKR  CN98pi
Stehekin, WA
Located in "The Alps of America"

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