[pct-l] Launch spot near Ashland

CHUCK CHELIN steeleye at wildblue.net
Thu Jul 22 10:21:23 CDT 2010

Good morning, Cate,

Most of the “roads” shown on the maps for that part of S. Oregon are
questionable, particularly this early after the snow melts.  The access road
to the Mt. Ashland facilities is probably open, but west of there they may
not be open.  Much depends upon the USFS plans to open them for some reason.
Further west – passing just a few hundred yards north of the Cal/Or PCT
border crossing – there is another, probably larger, forest road.  I’ve been
on it many times, but again, it may not yet be open.  That road is
accessible south from Medford or Grants Pass.  It would be best to contact
the appropriate USFS Ranger District Office for information; and don’t
forget to tell them what kind of a vehicle you plan to drive.  The terms
“road”, “open”, and “passable” are highly variable attributes.

Except for the area around Mt. Lassen you won’t be in any parks.  Most of
that whole stretch is Forest Service or BLM land where you can camp wherever
you please.  Even the private land holders in the area abide hikers so
access is substantially continuous the entire way.  Obviously you will avoid
a posted area, or some facilities’ green lawn.

Enjoy your hike.  I’ll be hiking part of that NoBo myself, needing to book
the two fire closures from ’08.  Maybe I’ll see you heading south.



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On Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 7:12 AM, Cate White <cwhite at mcn.org> wrote:

> Hey All,
> Looks like I'm headed out Friday for my July-August SOBO adventure from
> Ashland. Couple more questions:
> My folks are dropping me off and want to hike in with me for the first
> night. I'm looking at my guide book and wondering where the best spot to do
> that might be. I need it to be a safe place to leave their car overnight.
> And I'm seeing that there's a 12 mile stretch with no water between
> Callahans/Cross Road 20/Cross Road 40S15 to Mt. Ashland Campground and what
> looks like the next Road crossing (40S12, Siskiyou Gap, Sheep Camp Spring.)
> Is there a place after that 12 mile stretch to get on the trail where they
> could leave their car? Like the 40S12 Cross Road? Anyone familiar with this
> area?
> And another thing: Um, can I just camp anywhere along the trail? I think I
> remember hearing that it depends on which park you are in, but does anyone
> know offhand what the deal is between Ashland and about Echo Lake? Also, I
> haven't been able to find a nice simple map that shows me what wilderness
> areas the PCT goes through so I can see all in one place what park services
> I need to call to find out details about each place. Any direction to a map
> like that or just a list of the areas would be great. I know Marble
> Mountain
> Wilderness Area is the first (going south). Then what?
> You've all been so helpful and great. Thanks!
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