[pct-l] A HAM-Radio operator's experience at Slate Peak on the PCT

AsABat asabat at 4jeffrey.net
Thu Jul 22 12:03:46 CDT 2010

Those roving stations sure have a lot of fun, but Dick has probably bored
and confused the non-hams here.

I'm hiking section P in a couple weeks. If anyone knows what repeater to use
at Gumboot Lake, Kangaroo Lake, Scott Mtn Summit, and Etna Summit please let
me know off list. I'm guessing Mt Shasta probably works all over, but not
sure if the canyons have coverage, and need contact with my support (yes,
I'm slacking this section).

AA6J    DM13

On Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 7:57 AM, Dick Bingham <dick.bingham at gmail.com>wrote:

> Quote - "It was not so lonely for me out in the North Cascades roving in
> CN98 and DN08 as Alaska and the Texas club but close.
> Marshall, I heard you on 6M SSB while I was in DN08 Sunday morning but you
> did not hear me. Clay, W7CE got DN08 on both bands for his logbook. KE7V
> and
> KD7UO/P was booming in up there.
> I only had 2 2M contacts while on battery, rubber ducky, and 2W *from the
> Slate Peak (Cn98) tower site above my truck at 7488 ft. The truck was at
> about 6700ft parked behind a snow drift. A couple border patrol trucks, 4
> officers and a German Shepard sniffing cars were there to greet me at the
> trailhead/snow drift road block.* I made 6 more contacts from the truck at
> 50W into a loop on 2M, 100W into a loop on 6M. 5 of the 6 on 6M Saturday
> afternoon.
> Sunday I was in DN08, DN07, CN97 during the contest hours. No one heard me
> while coming down Hwy 97 in DN07. 1 station (KD7UO/P) heard me in CN97 on
> 2M. I did not have 6M while rolling and I suspect everyone was on 6M that
> day. " un-quote
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> Dick Bingham - W7WKR  CN98pi
> Stehekin, WA
> Located in "The Alps of America"
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