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"How's Your Trail?"    Hey you swiped my BEER. I was cooling it in the snow.
You Beer drinker you. I better check the frig make sure you haven't been
around. That just shows you better "Be Prepared"  Ground Pounder Bill
"Semper Fi"

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So, I'm walking along Angeles Crest in late April, 1977, and stop to take a
break on a bank below a ski lift.  The snow is just melting off of this bank
and there are beer cans scattered around.  I poke one with my ice axe,
figuring it is empty, and lo and behold it squirts beer all over!!!!
"SWEET!" echoes across the Antelope Valley in the distance.  I collect about
6 to 8 full cans and find a cold stream nearby to camp by and cool the beer.
The stars in the sky, the wind in the trees, and everything looks a bit
rosier with 8 cans of beer!!

A poor, grainy photo in the waning light of that great day;

The memories from the trail invade my mind every day, and still provide a
drive, an intense drive to excel and succeed.  It drives me on and on . . .

Greg Hummel

"Soooo . . . . when's the last time you heard someone say they like the
Indoorsy type???"

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