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> Even though I?m an admitted left-brain engineer -- practical,  
> analytical,
> and pragmatic

Steel-Eye, even though you are a left-brain engineer, you are a poet  
at heart. About huckleberries and sleeping outside.

In my opinion, the best berries of them all are thimbleberries. When  
I was nearing Canada and feeling the pull to go home, thimbleberries  
stopped me in my tracks. Any 30-mile day I wanted to put in had to  
wait until I ate my fill. I could be in the biggest hurry, post- 
offices could be closing imminently, real town food could be calling  
me unmercifully, but I wouldn't go on until I ate all the  
thimbleberries I could reach. I didn't care about leaving some for  
anybody behind me. They were manna from heaven, the best tasting  
fruit I've ever had.

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