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Thanks Robert, and everyone else for your supportive and helpful replies.
I have just spoken to him and he is going to spend another few days resting 
up in Idyllwild at the campsite to see how things go.  He is a bit of a 
loner and finds it hard to ask for help.  He has strapped it up as best we 
could advise him over the phone so hopefully will be able to continue soon.
I know I am being a flapping mother hen - it is the distance - I ignore him 
at home! Damn internet and mobile phones - too much information.

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Subject: PCT injury

> I saw your note on the pct-l:
> I sprained my ankle severely my third day on the trail (in 2006) and 
> walked on it for three more days.  I got off the trail and had a doctor 
> look at it.  They said stay off it for a week.  I did.  I then had it 
> taped up by a chiropractor and wore that tape for the next three weeks 
> while I hiked.  I hiked slowly (no big 25 mile days) and it didn't bother 
> me after that.
> Idyllwild is lovely right now.  I was on the PCT there this past weekend. 
> There is a hiker site in the San Jacinto State Park right in the middle of 
> town where your son can stay for a low fee (and meet other hikers). 
> There is also a coupon book available (ask around town) for discounts to 
> thru-hikers for various services.
> Good luck, I'm sure it will be fine.
> Robert Burroughs
> paparazzi/pct06

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