[pct-l] Warner Springs theft

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In my experience, you have to be careful about setting ANYTHING close to the
hiker boxes.  A few years ago, some hikers set their poles next to our
boxes, and someone else thought they were freebies, discarded by someone

Also too, there have been hikers who quit the trail and told me to
distribute whatever was in their boxes to the hikers . . . so it is not that
unusual for a box, sitting by the hiker boxes, to be interpreted as free
hiker stuff.


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> ...you might think it's just more trail magic. It's part of the scene, 
> free rides, free places to stay, free laundry, free water ...

Sorry, but I would NOT think that - at least unless the items were each 
specifically marked/tagged as being 'free' - even then I would personally
still have my doubts about it...  Guess I was raised/taught differently!
I don't see how you could possibly equate the 'value' of a tent and
microspikes as being directly comparable to a free ride, free place to 
stay, free laundry, or free water - they're in a different 'value' class...

Yes, it does ring of the 'entitlement' issue - one doesn't have to 'think'
about it nor use common sense, just assume it's 'magic' and was meant to be,
take it and then go on one's merry way without a second thought...

I'm certainly hoping that it WILL be a 'simple misunderstanding' and all
will be rectified given a little more time...  Wait & see...

Happy trails!!!
Jim (PITA)
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