[pct-l] backpacking with money

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Wed May 5 11:30:25 CDT 2010

Switchback, the Trail Pirate, also likes cash.
He prefers it over cards, "Freeze-Drys",  dirty cloth and hiker babes 
which he trades to the Indians for horses and blankets.
It won't take long for him to raid and plunder Diane, knowing where to 
look for the cash.
Hikers could make Switchback's job so much easier if they all carried 
their cash like Diane.
He could plunder the entire class of 2010 in a matter of a few days 
instead of weeks.
Remember, Switchback is getting old and anything you can do to make his 
job easier will be greatly appreciated.

JMT Reinhold
Respect your Seniors advocate
Diana wrote:
I used a "secret wallet" that hangs from your belt inside your pants. I 
didn't do it to stay safe but to not have to ever search for my wallet 
or other cards. I carried a big wad of cash that got bigger the higher 
the fees became. I prefer cash to cards. It's part of the reason I was 
able to afford such a trip to begin with.

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