[pct-l] backpacking with money

Ernie Castillo erniec01 at hotmail.com
Wed May 5 17:16:12 CDT 2010

I guess it isn't so secret any more.


(unsolicited hiker humor attempt)

Did I ever tell you about the time I met my gal pal, Mae.

There I was, hiking with a secret wallet filled with lots of $1 bills when I met Mae. She took one look at me and said:

"Hey big boy, is that a secret wallet or are you just glad to see me."

Ernie Castillo, PCT class of 1980
> -----------------------------------
> Diana wrote:
> I used a "secret wallet" that hangs from your belt inside your pants. I 
> didn't do it to stay safe but to not have to ever search for my wallet 
> or other cards. I carried a big wad of cash that got bigger the higher 
> the fees became. I prefer cash to cards. It's part of the reason I was 
> able to afford such a trip to begin with.
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