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Thu May 6 16:21:06 CDT 2010

The following is an email from Warner Springs Monty - he isn't on the list so I'm posting for him.

Warner Springs Resupply
After a very not nice posting on the PCT-L and hearing about not nice interactions at Warner Springs Resort, I went and talked to Jim Stilwell and Jeff Brown, the General Manager and the Marketing Director at the resort to see if we needed some damage control in the PCT Family’s relationship with the resort.
A hiker on this list, who is also on the Board of Directors at the Resort also contacted them.  They are very aware of the situation.
I thanked Jim and Jeff for what they do for us hikers.  This is a private resort.  They do not have to let us in and especially do not have to give us the big discount they extend to us.  They have been accepting and holding resupply packages by mail for those who stay at the resort.
This is how they want to receive packages FROM THOSE WHO WILL STAY AT THE RESORT.
Call them at 760.782.4200 to confirm you will be staying there and you are sending a package.
Mail the Package to 
Warner Springs Ranch
PO Box 10
Warner Springs, CA 92086
Without the “PO Box 10” it will be returned EVEN IF it has a street address.
Include:  Hold for PCT hiker.  AND as accurate an arrival date as you can on the box.
If you are going to be late or no-show call them ASAP.
To just drop off a package GO TO THE POST OFFICE AND MAIL IT TO THEM so it will be secured as mail.
Boxes not mailed WILL NOT BE SECURED as they are stored in a semi public access area and they do not require ID for you to pick them up.
If you are NOT STAYING AT THE RESORT send your box to
General Delivery
Warner Springs, CA 92086
 Jim Stilwell says the LOVE to have the hikers there……..(still)
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