[pct-l] Warning - Mile 548 - North of Tylerhorse Canyon

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Fri May 7 14:54:05 CDT 2010

>From the Kern County Sheriff web site:

Subject:  Puncture devices found on Pacific Crest Trail between
Tehachapi and Rosamond

Details:  On 5-6-2010 Deputies from Tehachapi Substation took a report
of spikes buried in the soil at a remote location on the Pacific Crest
Trail. Scott Williams, a hiker from northern California, reported
finding several spikes in the ground on the trail near Oak Creek
Canyon, eight miles north of Tyler Canyon, a mountainous area between
Tehachapi and Rosamond. Williams retrieved one of the devices, which
consisted of three nails about three inches long anchored in cement,
with the sharp ends of the nails pointing upward. The device appears
to have been made by pouring wet cement into a small drinking cup and
inserting the nails into the cement. An officer from the Bureau of
Land Management (BLM), an officer from the United States Forest
Service and a deputy from Tehachapi Substation responded to the area.
They located about 50 similar devices in the vicinity of the trail.
Due to prior damage done by illegal off-road vehicles and hikers
taking alternate paths, the exact boundaries of the Pacific Crest
Trail at that location could not be determined. A strand of barbed
wire was also found stretched across the trail easement. The trail is
in the jurisdiction of BLM at that location. A BLM crew is working in
the area today (5-7-2010) to determine the exact boundaries of the
trail and to ensure all dangerous devices are removed from the
vicinity. The trail is expected to be safe for foot and equestrian
travel by late this afternoon. A joint investigation is ongoing. The
investigation will focus on who is responsible for burying the devices
and whether they were buried on the trail easement or on private
property. At this point, investigators do not believe the devices were
planted to cause harm to hikers or horses. There has been an ongoing
problem with illegal off-road vehicles in the area. It appears the
devices may have been buried to discourage illegal off-road riding.
The wire was stretched at a height that could snag a vehicle rider,
but allow a hiker to pass underneath.

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