[pct-l] Water Report for Section F

Mary Kwart mkwart at gci.net
Sat May 8 11:46:02 CDT 2010

I am in Lake Isabella on a zero day. I just finished Section F.

1. May 1--Golden Oak Spring--tank full, pipe in tank running at 1 liter per minute. The PVC pipe below trail is not running.
2. May 2--Robin Bird Spring--5 Liter per minute flow from pipe below spring box. To access--follow trail along fence to NW corner where fence is down.
3. May 3--Cottonwood Creek branch--creek flowing copiously over trail and covers about 50 feet of trail.
4. May 3--Concrete dam---Full--3 feet deep by 12 feet wide. Water very clear. UTM coordinates: 11 S 0381550 by 3920522 (because someone said they had trouble finding it)
5. May 3--Landers Creek--very good flow. Creek parallels trail from mile 606.5 to approximately 608.
6. May 3--Creek at first Piute Mntn Road crossing--2 feet wide and 2 inches deep
7. May 3--Landers Camp--12 liter per minute flow from pipe coming out of steel tank across the road from the campground.
8. May 4--Kelso Valley Road Cache--about 70 gallons.
9. May 4--Willow Spring--Faucet is now working outside of fenced pond with very good flow. No need to go under fence. BLM employee said that Quail Unlimited just did some work there (getting the faucet working again) Pond full.
10. May 5--Bird Spring Pass Cache--about 58 gallons
11. May 6--Seasonal Stream at mile 643.5--pond next to trail is 3 inches deep and 10 feet wide. Some pond scum on top, but water looks good under it. Shallow flow across trail.
12. May 6--McIvers Spring--pipe above cabin flowing very strong.
13. May 7--Walker Pass Campground--no water from faucet by bathroom or campsite. There was 5 gallons in jugs on the trail where it accesse the campground.

Additionally: Two 20 foot patches of snow on trail north of Robin Bird Spring, but they should be gone by now. Also, Cat Bell, who is hiking south from Kennedy Meadows who I met near the access road to Yellowjacket Spring, said there was only about 1 mile of continuous snow in Section G, but an ice axe and some kind of shoe traction device was advisable. This was conditions several days ago, though.

Also--the Bakersfield paper just reported that booby traps were removed from Section E about 8 miles south of the Tehachapi WIllow Springs Road--it was nails in cement and barbed wire over the trail that was targeted at dirt bikers, not hikers, the paper said.



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