[pct-l] jetboil canisters

Bill Burge bill at burge.com
Mon May 10 18:23:59 CDT 2010

Just about any of the canisters labeled "isobutane/propane" or "butane propane mix", with the correct connector, should work.

MSR, Snow Peak, JetBoil, Brunton

When you bump into these, if they look about like a Jetboil can, same size and shape and threaded connector on top, they will probably work.

Coleman makes one, but not this big green canister: 

It will look more like a large Jetboil one (yes it's upside down in this picture):


On May 10, 2010, at 2:20 PM, Abigail Wilson wrote:

> Hello all!
> I know fuel gets talked about a lot on this listserv, so I apologize if I
> cause a repeat conversation.
> My partner and I are hiking the last 2000 miles of the PCT, and are using a
> JetBoil stove.  Does anyone know about the availability of JetBoil fuel
> along the trail?  Or if there are other, more accessible fuel types that
> will fit with the stove.  If it helps, we're planning on resupplying at
> Vermillion Valley, Bridgeport, South Lake Tahoe, Belden Resort, Burney,
> Etna, Ashland (OR), Shelter Cove, Cascade Locks, Packwood, and Skykomish.
> It seems like some companies used to mail out JetBoil fuel, but no one has
> any available now...
> Thanks for the help!
> Abi
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