[pct-l] Deep Creek Hot Springs

Ikem Freeman ikem.freeman at gmail.com
Thu May 13 13:06:48 CDT 2010

I remember a particular nice section of the PCT from 2008 that goes to Deep
Creek Hot Springs in Southern California, and I'd like to go back. I have 5
days off next week, and I'm thinking about driving down from Oregon, hiking
SoBo, camping near Deep Creek Hot Springs a couple of nights, continuing
SoBo to the next road crossing where I can hitch back to my car at the
starting point.

As I recall, there is a two mile side trail that locals use to get to Deep
Creek Hot Springs, but I'd be OK with the 9+ mile hike on either side of the
springs, but don't know this area at all.

If anyone is familiar with this part of the trail, please contact me and
suggest a start and end point and also directions for hitching back to my
start point.

I also recall that camping at the hot springs is NOT ALLOWED (even though I
camped there over night without any trouble from anyone, and some locals
were also camped there overnight). If it is a problem, I could go up the
side trail 1/4 mile or so and camp, and I'd be OK with that as well.

Happy Trails, everyone!

O. Ikem Sofar, Class of '08

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