[pct-l] detour sections in Northern WA state

Tom Weir tom_d_w at hughes.net
Thu May 13 16:25:30 CDT 2010

The PCTA site says that the new Suiattle Bridge will be three miles down
stream from the old site.  That would put it near the confluence with Dolly
Creek.  Does anyone know how the trail will be routed to it?  Will it simply
go down stream from the old site, cross, and then come back up stream on the
north side, or will the trail be rerouted down Milk Creek or Dolly Creek.
It would be a shame if the trail skipped Vista Ridge.




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Can anyone give me more information regarding washed out foot bridges and
detours in the Northern section of the WA Cascades along with locations.
Thank you,, Goatboy


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